2017-18 Back to School Information

2017-18 Back to School Information
Posted on 08/01/2017
Back to School
*Teachers will notify 7th & 8th grade students of what supplies they will need after school begins*

NEW to CCISD Registration
Begins August 8th
9-11 AM
1-3 PM
Monday - Friday
Also: August 15, 5-7 PM

(All 6th Graders or new to Seabrook students):
August 17
Last name A-L 4-5 PM
Last name M-Z 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Sports Physicals
August 10, 3-5 PM in both gyms
Fee $25.00 cash or check/no charge cards accepted
Forms available in front office

Sports Equipment Pick-up
8th Grade: August 15, 4-6 PM

7th Grade: August 16, 4-6 PM 

Returning Seabrook or returning CCISD students ONLINE REGISTRATION - You must completely fill out the online registration on ccisd.net to update all the information for your student this year. The district will send this information out by email August 1st.

First Day Information
First Day of School, Monday, August 21st:
  • Magnet students should report to the cafeteria before 7:50, Teachers will take magnet students to 1st period.
  • Alphabetical lists posted at the front of the campus with the student’s advisory teacher and room #’s. Seabrook students should report before 8:47.
  • Schedules may change, so we need all Seabrook students to check the posted list. All will receive their OFFICIAL schedule on Monday, and students should follow this schedule throughout the day.
Residency Verification: ALL students are required to bring residency verification information the first day of school. Proof of residency MUST include one of the following: Light bill, gas bill, water bill – MUST be from July or August 2017. We will not accept any other type of bill. If you moved since last year, we will also need a copy of your lease agreement, mortgage, or deed of trust.

Immunization Requirements – 7th grade: A reminder letter regarding immunizations was mailed this past May indicating that your student was due immunizations to enter the 7th grade. If you did not receive a letter, your student was up to date on the immunizations required. Immunization records/Affidavits are due when the students return to school on August 21st. The record can be hand delivered, emailed or faxed to the nurse. Fax # 281-284-3107 Cheryl Shouse - cmatthewsshouse@ccisd.net

Parent pick up/drop off:
Parents should drop off/pick up in front of the school. Please follow the traffic patterns and signage.

If your student rides the bus, please go to the Transfinder site (on the district website under the transportation department) to get your bus number and pick up times. The link to Transfinder is: http://www.infofinderi.com/ifi/?cid=CCI53WAGWNLR. If your student waits until the end of the day to figure out what bus they ride, it will probably be too late and they may miss it.

Students may purchase breakfast daily in the cafeteria beginning at 8:30 AM. Magnet students may purchase breakfast in the cafeteria during advisory.

Students are encouraged to bring lunches from home during the first week of school. Lunches will be available for purchase as well. A “meal deal” is offered in each line for $3.50. “Add-ons” (a la carte items) are also available for additional charge. Parents may add money to student lunch accounts via Skyward Family Access. Teachers will escort students to and from the cafeteria on the first day of school only. Parents may apply for meal benefits at https://www.schoolcafe.com.

Seabrook begins counting tardies on Monday, August 24th. One week has proven to be plenty of time for students learn their schedules.
Lockers: All SIS students are assigned lockers. Students should maintain orderly lockers and not store trash or food (other than lunches). Students may not share combinations or “rig” lockers so that they open without combinations. Students who rig lockers will be subject to discipline and may incur a monetary fine if they damage the lockers. Please do not attach stickers to the inside or outside of lockers.

6th grade students will receive laptops for home/school during the first few weeks of school. It is highly suggested that parents purchase insurance for $20 and remit payment via Skyward. Laptop help is available in the library at Tech Triage.

Textbooks will be available online. Students do not receive paper copies of textbooks, unless there is not a copy online. Many classes will have class sets of textbooks for students to use while at school.

School pictures:
Pictures will be taken October 10, 2017. More information will go out closer to that date.

Parent Volunteers:
All parent volunteers for Seabrook, it's clubs, and athletics, must register in our new parent volunteer system (if you did this last year – you do NOT need to do it again). You can find the link at: http://www.ccisd.net/cms/one.aspx?portalId=645487&pageId=4385085 For the safety and security of our students and staff, CCISD conducts criminal background checks on volunteers.